Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Beauty Social: Event Photos!!

Hey guys! Hello new followers~
So here is the post most of you have been waiting for. My full report on the latest event.

The first annual Beauty Social presented by Beautylish.com
An event where all beauty lovers a like can come together and mingle while trying the hottest products on the market along with having the chance to network with companies.

The event was held in Santa Monica at the beautiful Loews Hotel right on the beach side. Talk about classy!
It started at 10am-5pm for regular attendance before the opened the doors for the VIP event.
I invited miss Hello, Emy to join me for the day and i'm glad I did. Love this gal!
Of course like any good women we were fashionably late to the party...
Photo Credit, Emy

Had to do a cut because there are just way too many photos!

Outside there was refreshments and nice comfy couches to sit on. When  you headed inside into the main event area there was a stage and chairs to view the guest of honor, even more couches to lounge around on, and sponsored booths where you can try different beauty services!
I kinda feel like I should have wore a different bra.. ugh v.v
Photo credit Emy

Photo Credit, Emy

Photo Credit Emy

Photo Credit Emy

Photo Credit Emy
Emy and I tried out some of the tinted Lip Balm from Fresh! We both choose the same color. I think it looks great on both light and tan skin complexions.

Look who we ran into?? Alexa Kae (aka Kinda Fancy on Twitter) She was SO nice! Luckily she was able to go to the VIP event. Wish I could have spent more time chatting it up with her.. well I did..on MSN afterwards haha.
Photo Credit Emy

Afterwards we headed over to Sugarpill where I met up with Yume Ninja, Shrinkle, Kevin Marburg and MynxiiWhite.
I got my make up done.. and kinda just chilled there for awhile LOL. I hadn't seen them in a long time and its always nice to catch up with friends.. but then I have to remember their working so I shouldn't bother them too much.

Photo Credit, Emy
 MynxiiWhite, Yume Ninja, Shrinkle and Me
I'm not really that tall.. I had 5 1/2 wedges on. My breast are like sitting on top of Shrinkle's shoulders oh my D:

 I like taking photos of people taking photos..and..taking photos of people who don't realize i'm taking a photo 8D

 I'm not really sure what Emy was doing here.. but I like her glare!
We headed downstairs to their gourmet lunch which was $12

You got to choose a sandwich of your choice either Veggie, Ham or Turkey. In the box came the sandwich, a container which I believe had hummus and veggies, a delicious cookie and a drink of your choice.

Photo Credit Emy
Photo Credit Emy

Around 3:00pm We ended up leaving to head on over to the Sephora on 3rd street Santa Monica to meet Kandee Johnson and pick up some foundation Emy really liked from Cover FX. At the end is where you grab your gift bag... this woman looks so familiar.. I hate the feeling when I think you know someone but don't want to make a fool of yourself. So instead I just took a photo of her because she was so pretty...;_;

Photo Credit Emy
After Sephora I had to quickly dash back to the valley for work. It was my first time dressing up at work and let me tell you.. my legs bring all the creepers to the yard. Boy was the flirtation meter off the scale that day. I don't dress up or wear make up EXACTLY for that reason.

Now.. I know what you guys wanna see.. the SWAG BAG~ Let me tell you. This bag was PACKED and heavy. I will be using this bag more often. Its a re-usable tote bag which I think is a great idea!
I believe the Gift bag for the VIP attendees was a bit different and had a bit more items. I saw it had full size Sugarpill ;___;

 Sugarpill Sample, Amika Hair Samples, Scott Barnes Body Shimmer

 Hair accessories from Goody

 Nude Skin Care Samples, RGB Carmel Nail Polish, Too Faced Lip Liner and Lip Gloss, Faux Lashes

 Australian Gold Spray Bronzer, Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, Sample Dermalogica Kit

 Murad Renewal Complex, Victoria Secret "Sexy Little Things Noir" , NYX Black Label Lipstick

 Wella Sample Hair Care Kit, Cover FX Translucent Powder, Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish

 Urban Decay Good Karma Blush Brush

Christmas in October~
Photo taken from thebeautysocial.com

And that is THE END.. for now.
This was crazy picture heavy so thank you for sticking it out till the end. I had a wonderful time and I met some really great people. I can not wait till the next Beautylish event and I encourage all of your to attend as well.  If you did attend please do let me know! Lets keep in touch.