Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disneyland!!! Star Tours Early Departure~

Hey Beautiful people~ This is a PIC SPAM~
So in one of my previous post I mentioned winning a lot of giveaways
but there was one I was not able to mention just yet until now~!
I was able to snag tickets to the Early Premier of Star Tours the Adventure Continues at Disneyland Resort in California!

Disneyland held a private event in which they selected 1,200 people to participate in being one of the first to experience the re-molded attraction Star Tours. Now with more characters and destinations
Star Tours combines all the episodes of Star Wars into one 3D action packed ride. Each ride differs for each group of people which will definitely have guest lining up for more.

I was SO EXCITED when I received the email that I was able to attend this event. Because my dad is not able to go with me I invited my mom instead since she is also a Star Wars fan. Though she has trouble saying some of the characters names -__-

Check in started at 4:00am and thats basically the time we got there by. Even though there was a good number of people ahead of us, we still were basically at the front of the line. We went into the park early and walked over to Star Tours. It was weird to see the park so empty.

The line extend all the way down Main Street and to outside of the park

The inside of the attraction is really nice! Theres a screen that tells you if your flight is delayed, cancelled, moved to a new gate or on time. It also tells the weather of each destination! Made to appear like a real airport of such. Inside R2D2 and C3P0 go back and forth arguing about various things which is funny!
A burst of steam explodes in R2D2's "face" every now and then. At once point this little boy called out "OH NO! R2!!!!!" which had everyone in line laughing~ Very cute

Look at this guy posing for my photo xD

LOL this girl too!

....this guy too.....why are are you people posing!
Me and my 3D glasses.. I didn't really take any photos of me ;_;

The ride was amazing!!! I love the new effects~ Pretty short ride but its still a lot of fun. I can't wait till its open. Of course i'm going to wait a bit before riding it again because I don't want to put up with the lines. They changed a few things in the shop as well 8D At the end they gave us an exclusive pin! I lost the pin I had from the TRON premier so I made sure to keep this one safe! D<

Afterwards my mother and I roamed around the parks. I was finally able to try the Cream Cheese Pretzel and Dole Pineapple Whip!!! I was able to meet up with my friends Julie Doll, Sandy and Jen! And Managed to meet a few old friends in line. Jackie and Maki. Later on Jen came back with Cass and baby Haru!!! My mom finally got to meet him~ He is the cutest thing EVERR

Julie is SUCH a sweet heart ;_; she bought all of her friends Cubic Mouth Disney Car Fresheners from Royal-T!!

Random shots from around the park. It was such a clear and beautiful day!! Too bad I was soo tired~ I ended up leaving at around 3:00pm because I was just NOT enjoying myself cause of how sleepy I was v.v
Sleeping Beauty's Castle

King Arthur's Carousel 

Fantasy Land my favorite part of Disneyland

Dumbo Ride!!! I feel like I never really truly experienced Disneyland till I rode this ride.. and that wasn't till my 18th birthday.

The whale 8D

The Tea Cups!!!

Its a small world~

Saw another cute Lolita there too~ She was wearing Emily Cute Temple! She was adorable~ ^^
(end of it's a small world)
Thats all for this post! I love Disney land a lot. I would totally get married here. Its so magical and romantic! Makes me jealous of all the other couples that come here. >_> I always want to push couples into a foundation or something. Displaying their love for each other in my face... RUDE!!! *jealous jealous jealous*

Thanks for reading~ I can't wait to go back soon. Have any of you ever been to Disneyland/Disneyworld??
Whats your favorite character?! 8D If you can guess mines you get 100+ Mie-loves-you

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