Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bunnies and Bows event @ Japan LA

This past Saturday a friend of mines Chubby Bunny hosted her
Bunnies and Bows Event @ Japan LA
to debut her Summer 2011 line!
She is the co-founder of Bubble Punch and also the creator of the Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny Bow!!

Because I volunteered to help out at the event I figured it would be smart to dress up 8D
It was so stupid... I was working on my outfit till the very last moment I left the door. I had to be at the place by 5:30.. but because of my CLUELESS brother... (oh ya.. don't think I ever mentioned this but yes I have a brother) I was late THREE HOURS. I don't like being late when I agree to help people out or tell my friends im going to meet them at a certain time. Even though my friend just kindly said it was okay and stuff happens *which is true* a part of me still feels bad because I just HATE IT.

My outfit came out pretty nice... better than I expected it to be! Usually my outfit ideas suck so i'm trying to get better at that.
[Click to view photos larger]
Photo credit goes to Felix from LookbookLA.com
The bow wasn't really part of the outfit! A friend of mines made that for me so I wanted to wear it ^^
Its really glitter and.. of course I LOVE mint~

This is the inspiration for my outfit!
 Shappo! From San-x's new line Sentimental Circus. My friend went as Toto!
oooo la la!
Ya its so time for me to get back into shape. But I just wanted to show yall my outfit. Rock'n my first garter belt~ Also some shorts. I think those are the only part of shorts (not meant for pajamas) I actually own. I HATE shorts and I know I don't have the thighs for them... yet ;P But i'm working on that. I just needed some to go up under my sweater.
I used an old sweater I bought from Target and dyed it. I hated this sweater because it shed so much so its okay... well.. sorta.. it still sheds -__- now it just sheds PINK

Make shift make up because I was rushing.
  1. Used my 88 cool shimmer palette from bhcosmetics (click to read my review)
  2. Eyeliner from Zuzu Luxe
  3. Eye Chic Eyelashes from kkcenterhk.com(click to read my review)
     Geo Angel Circle Lens in Purple!
Kim, Aznfalcon, me and Jenny with the Chubby Bunny Merchandise~ So many cute bows right???
Photo credit goes to Felix of LookbookLA.com
Next event??? Lil Rae Cakes 1st year anniversary  in Burbank Ca!!<3 <3

Thank you for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it ^^

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