Wednesday, May 04, 2011

You're not really that slick.

I prefer to keep drama out of my blog so to all my new and old followers please excuse  me and this post. Though I feel this must be handled. A few days ago I found a comment left on my recent post that had me shaking my head.

I have long but deleted this comment but decided to keep the physical email Disqus sends me. Normally I would just remove the comment and forget about it. But something about this comment really had me thinking. Now the person who wrote this was obviously trying to stay anonymous... but they did not realize that Disqus sends me IP Addresses... Smooth I know.

-looked it up in no less than a second and found that it lead back to
State: Indiana City: Columbus Zip Code: 47201 (for privacy purposes I will not post the full address)

That instantly looked familiar to me... Ironically The location matched up with my old DIAMOND member Kaizo... what are the odds of that >_> Personally I would have just rather directly messaged her.. but because she has blocked me on every site I guess my last option is to post it here since apparently she still reads my blog. (creepy)

I'm more amused you went through the trouble of setting yourself  as anonymous.. yet completely disregarded  I could just figure out it was you anyways ^_^'

I have not spoken to you in months.. you have removed me from every website and we ended it there. Why do you now feel the need to harass me on my blog?! Really "Mie looks like a man"?? This is what you spend your time doing? YOU ARE A MOTHER! This is the type of example you want to set for your child? This is absolutely pathetic.. it is time for you to move on. If you had a problem I expected you to come to me directly. How can you even call yourself a woman if you plan to hide behind an anonymous ID and post comments like that on my blog? Stand behind your words. You live and breathe drama which is an unhealthy obsession. This is exactly why I can not bring myself to have any respect for you.

 You know what. I'm not even mad. Yes I could have just deleted the comment and moved on myself.. but it is much more entertaining making a fool out of the person who could not even think to hide their IP address.

It took me longer to find the video of the NHK segment DIAMOND appeared as opposed to how long it took me to trace your IP Address.... try harder.

From now on all comments will be be moderated and will not show until approval (unless I add you to the whitelist). Also there will be NO more post like this in the future. And again I apologize to all my readers. I'm sure to loose followers because of this but If anyone has a personal issue they would like to discus please feel free to come to me directly. I am a very open person and I am willing to listen to what others have to say. ^^

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