Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX'S 12th Anniversary Fail Sale + Updates

Hey beautiful people! Its been awhile since I blogged I know
I wanted to surprise yall ;P
Also HAY THERE new followers~ I see you there ;P thanks for following my blog <3
Also I know I said no drama on my page.. but this is just TOO good to pass up!
Plus its about cosmetics, so its okay ^^

But first
Well Almost. This one is a partially sponsored giveaway. I need to pick up the rest of the items this week. Hint on the theme GYARU~

This giveaway is partially sponsored by Artie
Artie Style supplies a variety of different Asian Make up and Skin care products! Please do check them out~

They also are offering my readers 10% off any orders of $20 or more (not including shipping)
Use this code MIE11
So for those of you who heard about the NYX Cosmetics 12th Anniversary Day Sale...
you'll all know they offered all of their customers their favorite products for $1.20 from Sunday the 15th 12pm-12am. With all the excitement and hype over over this sale they knew they would have an over whelming response with orders. Instead of this being the ultimate sale.. NYX bit off more than they could chew.

-The sale didn't start on time.
-The server repeatedly crashed.
-When the site finally began running a large number of people could not access the site.
-It took a few hours for people to put 1 ITEM into their cart.
-Hours go by and people are still not able to even access the website.
-Some can not even SEE the products.
-15 hours goes by.. some people finally finish putting items into their carts.
-And then they realize after refreshing someone ELSE'S items show up in their cart.
-Some people's carts would double the products or turn empty.
-...main problem starts when...people head to check out.

LOL jokes on us... Check Out page is not working for 89% of the customers.
Some could not put in their credit card information
other couldn't even get the checkout page to load.

And this was all around 2-3am PST.
Every second 4-5 new comments would appear on their Facebook page. ALL 99.9% negative ones.
And what does NYX cosmetics offers their fans as a gift? 50% and free shipping.....
Sounds nice right? NO
Why no?... because thats NOT what they had promised. It is not our fault they did not have a big enough server.
This was suppose to be in appreciation for the fans. So by not being prepared, lack of customer service
and then offering as the 50% off code as a "gift".. is complete and utter insanity.
I for one am very disappointed in the way NYX handled this....and their located in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA. I should have been able to just go and PICK UP my order...oh wait.. i never got to order.. because i could never get to check out!!!
Its really sad and If you go to view their Facebook page now.. you can see the large amount of unhappy customers..If I really needed their products I would just go to Little Tokyo v.v 

Yay More Prizes!!!!
So recently I have won a few more giveaways... insane...O.o I'm never this lucky.
1. Facial Mask from

I was pretty excited about winning this since I LOVE trying new facial mask to help my skin!!! I have only used this a  couple of times so far and pretty much love it. It heats up against your skin which feels so soothing O: Definitely recommend checking out her blog.

1. Drug Store Giveaway from Mei Mei's Beauty Blog
Also her photo for now. I will make a detailed post later.
I suck at good make up "finds" for drug store products. I also seem to get the short end of the stick or some crappy product. Mei Mei on the other hand knows where all the good stuff is at. She uses these products herself in her eye make up looks which are pretty cool!! Shes actually one of my favorite beauty bloggers so I was pretty honored to have won her giveaway. She does the most creative Disney Inspired eye make-up looks. She included a few other goodies along with the products above so i'll post those later. I can't wait to try these palettes out ^o^ I have so much eyeshadow now! Thank you so much beautiful~

3. Ninjasov turns 1 giveaway!! from Yume Ninja
Sparkle Sparkle Set
Also... her photo... >_> 
I was very surprised to win this one. Its from a friend of mines Yume Ninja who is also apart of Bubble Punch!!! That sexy duo always host the best parties which is why Sanrio likes to work with them.
This giveaway is to reflect things she likes. Which is both a dark goth side and a sweet sparkle side~
Which is ironic because whenever I talk to her I only see the ghetto side xDDD
She has such an out of this world fashion sense!! Love this girl. You should definitely check out her blog~

I also won something for mothers day... but ya not really worth mentioning LOL

4.... well.. this one is a SURPRISE!!!! I'll be able to tell you what this one is by the end of this week ;P

Thats all for now folks! Look forward to my upcoming giveaway soon and other special updates!!!
Including more events and giveaways 8D
Thank you for reading my long update ^^' and I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!

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