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Make me pretty~ New palettes!!!

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Recently I received two cosmetic palettes from They were so kind and let me choose the following palettes I wanted to review. Based in North Hollywood, CA, bhcosmetics offers a large collection of eyeshadow, face, and lip palettes. They sell the popular 88 palettes along with various other sets. You can also find brushes, lashes and make up tools/accessories on their website.  Recently they have offered the "customized palettes" where you can either choose up to 6-15 of your favorite colors to create your own palette.

The two palettes I decided to choose were the 88 Cool Shimmer Palette and the 32 Color Lip Palette.
As you can see I'm VERY fond of shimmer....but I think its time me and shimmer took a break so I can try  some matte colors.. it will be hard for me to tell shimmer this but Im sure they will understand its time for me to move on~
[Click to view photos larger]

These are what the palettes look like when removed from the cover box. The 88 palette has a glossy cover while the 32 palette has a matte cover. Both are very nice. The 32 palette is VERY light weight.

What the 88 palette looks like open. It contains a protective cover sheet for the shadows, 2 double sided applicators, and 1 mirror. I have already tried the applicators and I do not like them at all. They don't apply the colors very well so i just ended up using my own. The mirror is a nice touch.

A better photo of the palette. The colors with the red circle around them are the colors I tested in the photos below. EXCEPT for the top left-corner white one... i don't know why i circled that one at all LOL I think I got a little too circle happy xD

beautiful no?! Even the lighter colors show up very well. Pigmented indeed!
But I did notice one of the colors this palette is missing for me is a RED color!!!! There are plenty of pinks but no red D:
I just quickly put some on to show you how bright they are sorry for the washed out green v.v. I wore the PINK color above the other day at a Japan LA event so I'll post a photo next time.

Now for the 32 Lip palette.
This palette does not contain a mirror or any applicators ;__; But its okay because that what helps it stay lightweight.

The colors with the blue ring around them are the colors I decided to swatch below.
That middle red one looks so fake ._. but nope thats what the color looks like.
LOL If you stare at the blue rings and look to the side of the pic(or at the picture below) you will still see the rings but they will appear yellow XDD.. um okay moving on

As for the lip palette I feel you must add a few coats to get the color to show up well.
..The color above feels like I took a  trip back to the 90s. Its like a neon pinkish color that reminds me of some of that funky pastel/neon clothing people use to wear. Its a VERY interesting color. I think I will grow into this one :D Excuse my big Jay-Z lips v.v you know I swear they don't look like that in person.

Overall 4.5/5:
+Love these palettes!!! 
+The colors are awesome and you don't need me to tell you that! The photos say it all.
+Compared to other shops that sell these palettes they are fairly priced. Not to mention they
always have promotion and sales.
+Fast shipping. Love that they are located in the US especially Socal.
- The applicators are not so good ;_;

EDIT: For those of you who feel that these colors were just too bright for you, don't worry, bhcosmetics also carries the popular 88 Neutral Palettes or Tropical Shimmer//Matte Palettes for those who prefer warm earth tones. 
You can find bhcosmetics on facebook, twitter, and youtube

BONUS: After reviewing products.. I end up looking like this!

LOL oh my there is just so much wrong in this photo! I look like a hot mess i couldn't stop laughing. But thats okay~ I can't always take myself too seriously thats no fun!
I'll be nice and leave you with a semi-good photo I took the other day so you wont have nightmares of Clown Mie xD
I hope you guys had an awesome mothers day ^^ If you went out, stayed home, or even gotta a little love from papa let me know how you spent your mothers day! I'm always interested in hearing about my readers day~ <3
Thank you for reading and commenting I appreciate the feedback!
DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by I am NO way affiliated with them. I do not claim ownership for any of the products above. These products were sent to me to give my honest non-biased opinion. I did not receive any compensation for this review. 

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