Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Sponsor for giveaway!!! Wanna join??

So I have received some of the products for the giveaway. Just waiting on a couple of other sponsors.
As you can see.. there will be a lot of stuff going into this giveaway >_> I want the prizes to be extra special!!! Not just things lying around my room. I appreciate all my readers much more than that 8D

Without further ado I would like to annouce Twinkle Wish is participating as a sponsor in this giveaway!!!

Twinkle Wish started by a good friend of mines Mama Cass
is a online etsy shop that sells cute handmade bows.
These bows can either be used as a hair clip or a brooch.
Currently these bows are only available in two sizes. Medium/Large!

The bows are made of either a Sparkly Glitter type fabric or a Shiny Sequin~
If you remember my Bunnies and Bows event I was wearing a mint bow made by her!!! I love it so much~ She has other colors available as well!!!

I won't show you exactly whats going to be in the goodie bags from Twinkle Wish until the offical Giveaway post so stay tunned ;P

The Glitter type bows are basically Limited Edition because after she sells what stock items she already has, she will no longer be making anymore ;___; sad cause I love those the most. So I recommend snatching those up before their completely gone @_@

Follow them here on Facebook for exclusive discounts and special updates!!!!

Do you have your own shop and would like to participate as a sponsor for this giveaway??
Email me!!
for more details :)

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