Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lemon you're only sweet with sugar~

Hey guys!

This is another blog post from work~
Just a little LOL on my part.
Kinda personal so I hope you dont mind.
Flutter in the Dark's recent post sparked me to make one of my own.

Back when I attended public high school, a ""good"" friend of mines (lets call her hmm Lemon. She wasn't very sweet ): ) use to think she was heaven sent. LiterallyShe would always say how she was the best thing that happened to earth! She would go on and on about how every guy and girl wanted her. Wanted to BE her. She would go on and on about her sex life and her self beauty. She was completely vain. I use to think she was just joking.. she would say she was.. but after awhile she began to truly believe her words and believe she was a goddess.

The #1 thing I will never forget from her was her saying "Mie.. all of your photos combined.. could never equal up to even 1 of my photos". Basically meaning none of my photos could compare to hers in terms of beauty.

Mind you. This was suppose to be my friend...

Now I have always been use to this kind of thing. Even since elementary school I have always been bullied and teased so I guess words just no longer get to me... but that sentence of hers I will NEVER forget.

...... fast forward couple of years later.....

Periodically Lemon would try to add me on facebook...and time after time I just clicked *ignored*
till once she actually shot me a message asking how I was. We chatting for a bit till she finally said

"Girl I love your make up in your photo~ You're gonna have to show me how to do that!!!" I reread this sentence over and over again. LEMON, WANTING ME TO SHOW HER HOW TO DO MAKE UP. The same Lemon who would always say how prettier she was than me? no guy would ever want me as long as shes around?.. How honored I should be just to have her as my friend..

Hah. Literally.. it felt so good to see her say that ^^ I have had old class mates who have tried to talk to me again complimenting me now on my looks.. but this was probably the best! It felt like a silent revenge~
If that even makes sense.

Has something similiar ever happened to you??? Run into an old classmate, ex lover, old friend and they shocked at how much you've changed? Tell me in your comment i'd love to hear about your "silent revenge" :)

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