Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm secretly a Mermaid~

Hey dolls~
Today has been a crazy week for me O.o
I finally got a job~. At a Salon in Santa Monica
It can get a bit hectic at times but for the most part I like it.
My boss and coworkers are all very nice! T^T
and big THANKS to my friend for helping me get this job~

Yesterday I received yet another package from KKcenterHK.
This time a concealer palette and a set of eyelashes!
The packaging for the eyelashes is SO CUTE Freak'n sparkles and Diamonds everywhere.

The Eyelash set is Ballerina VM 418
The ES Palette is 15 color Concealer Cream Palette

 These eyelashes are very interesting. I felt because they are a bit extreme they would go well with a more extreme make up style. They remind me of a fish fin so I wanted to do something pretty and Aquatic~
They were slightly hard to put on but they are comfortable and flexible.
They are a little bit shiny but nothing like my Red Ruby pair from my first kkcenterhk review.
Overall I give these 4/5

For this look I used
+Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
+Kkcenterhk Ballerina Eyelashes
+BHcosmetics 88 Cool Shimmer Palette(most colors are from this palette)
+Sugar Pill AfterParty
+ZuZu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner in Raven

I'm not too found of the Eyeshadow Insurance.. So I will probably be switching to Urban Decays.
And I REALLY need a Matte Palette T^T

Next up is the 15 color concealer palette. I have seen many people use this palette and wanted to try it for myself. It is very creamy and compact so you can take it with you to go!

The mint color with the arrow above is the color I used for the photos below.


As you can see I have pretty bad skin. Most of it is acne scars. I'm still recovering from an extremely bad break out. But every time my skin tries to heal I restart my menstrual cycle and break out all over again. Seriously its a pain -_-. I will be trying the new process of Honey and Egg Whites.
I used the mint concealer to cover all the acne scars and then my own foundation on top of that.

I really liked the outcome of the concealer. It did its job and it helps hide all those scars I have.
Sadly none of the other colors on the palette matches my skin tone. Because I have a golden undertone its hard for me to find good foundations.
Overall I give this a 5/5!

Kkcenterhk will be having a GIVEAWAY!!! This will be held on their facebook
So make sure you "like" their page for more information yet to come.
Thank you so much for reading!
I'm still getting the items for MY giveaway together so stayed tuned for that ;P
I hope you all are having a great week ^^

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